All About Team Programs

The Training

Every client gets their own training plan (on the app). Plans are shared on Train Heroic App, where training is delivered online. Your plan includes daily workouts (the splits are based on the team you choose), demo videos for every single workout, and weekly progression tips (made based on your current performance). 

Community Support

As the team grows, so does your support system. We are all in this with a common goal and are there to cheer each other on and share our experiences to learn from one another. Do not think twice about being part of the team!

Form Check Videos

This is a completely optional, yet highly recommended feature of my online training service. You share videos through the Train Heroic app for me to assess your form and provide any tips if necessary. Again, I highly recommend this to make sure you are performing the workouts correctly, targeting the muscles appropriately and minimizing your risk of injury as much as 

Daily Support

As my client, you get to contact me anytime you want and I can assure you that I will try me best to answer your questions and get back to you as soon as possible. I urge each and every one of my clients to ask me any questions or share any feedback or progress they would like to share, as I am always there for you.

Fe Squad

Fe Squad is a team of people with a similar goal. Gainz. We seek overall hypertrophy and efficient programming to reach our common goal. Join us and become part of a community of lifters who are here to share their experience amongst one another and cheer each other on. You can try it all out with the free 7 day trial.