Online personal Training Service

Custom Training Plan

Every client gets their own training plan. Plans are shared on google docs, where both the client (you) and I can access and edit the workbook whenever we want. Your plan will provide you with a schedule (that we come up with before it's made), recommended warmups, and sheets for all your workouts with weekly (or daily if needed) updates based on performance ratings. 

Macros Recommendation

Along with the training plan, you will also get a workbook that provides individualised macronutrient/caloric values. The workbook is also updated on a weekly basis based on numerous ratings that your provide as well as whatever form of progress measurement we use.

Form Check Videos

This is a completely optional, yet highly recommended feature of my online training service. You can send my videos of you performing your workouts for me to assess your form and provide any tips if necessary. Again, I highly recommend this to make sure you are performing the workouts correctly, targeting the muscles appropriately and minimizing your risk of injury as much as 

Daily Support

As my client, you get to contact me anytime you want and I can assure you that I will 100% answer your questions and get back to you within 24 hours (usually less). I urge each and every one of my clients to ask me any questions or share any feedback or progress they would like to share, as I am always there for you.

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Looking forward to helping you reach your goals :D