Calorie Calculator Instructions

1. The calorie calculator, below, provides an estimation of a general amount of calories calculated based on the information you input. 

2. The amount of calories calculated might not be the amount specific for you, as the calculator goes by generalized equations that are not individualized.

3. First of all, go to the calorie calculator below and figure out the estimated maintenance calories based on your measurements.


4.For the activity level in the calculator: 

  • 1.2 If you do not exercise, are generally sedentary (including your job)

  • 1.375 If you slightly exercise and work a generally sedentary job or do not exercise but work at a job that requires you to be on your feet and moving for a good amount of time.

  • 1.55 For someone who moderately exercises and works at an active job or works at a not so active job and trains very hard. 

  • 1.725 For someone who both trains hard and works at an active job

  • 1.9 For someone who trains extremely hard and works at an extremely active job.


5. Track those calories for about 2-3 weeks and record your average weight per week. Might be better to go for 3 weeks, as the first week might not be as accurate due to changes in water weight. 

6. Compare the recorded weekly average weights and figure out if the calories are actually MAINTAINING your weight, meaning there is no change between recorded weights.

7. If there is weight change when comparing average weights, then change calories based on the difference in weight. Every 1Kg weight gain indicates a 7700 Kcal surplus per week. Every 1Kg weight loss indicates a 7700 Kcal deficit per week.  So, if your average weight for week 2 is 90Kg and your average weight for week 3 is 90.5Kg, you will need to decrease weekly calories by about 3850 Kcals, which amounts to 550 less calories per day.

8. If your goal is maintenance, you are done. 

9. If your goal is to weight-loss or weight-gain, scroll down and you will see inputs for maintenance caloric values and sliders for either rate of gain or rate of loss. Input your calculated maintenance (after the 3 week adjustment period). Use the appropriate slider to calculate calories needed to reach your goal. 

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Calorie Calculator