Let’s get ironed


Who am I?

I am a certified personal trainer. With the info I continuously acquire, my goal is to help you reach your goal in the most efficient way. 

I enjoy teaching and helping others understand the way training and nutrition work and how to apply the science in a practical manner. 

Everyday I grow, and so does my info, in order to improve myself, my clients and to deliver a better service to you. 

More on My Coaching?

1:1 Coaching

This option is more individualized. It's done online through the TrainHeroic app with weekly check in's regarding training, nutrition, a monthly video call (on whichever platform you prefer), and access to my Whatsapp (for any questions you have). 

Team Plans

For those looking for more solo training with less "me" involved, this might be a suitable option. The team plans are delivered through TrainHeroic with monthly updates, a team chat, and your own calendar with all the workouts and demo vids, as well as instructions for progressions with sets and reps.


If you're unsure where you fall and what you need, we can always schedule a consultation to go over everything and set up a proper plan. All you gotta do is contact me and we'll set up a call.