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About Me

Other than being a certified personal trainer and a certified sports nutrition specialist, I am also on the path to hold an MD. I have successfully gone through numerous advanced specialisation courses that allow me to become a better trainer to my clients.

I only take on a specific number of clients per month. This is because I would like to give all my attention to the clients and provide them with the proper training they require. 

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Service Description

Whatever you want we got, but with limited spots. Plans that require more attention, especially for beginners, are more expensive and get much more of my time to really develop you as a lifter. Stepping into the gym requires a long journey of learning. Learning about you, your food, your body, your muscles, your feelings, and how you move and turn new movements into reflexes.

If you are interested in growing with me and increasing your knowledge and experience in the gym, take a look at my plans and see which suits you best. For 1 on 1 personal training requests, you can email me to discuss prices and duration. 


Progressive overload is not as simple as


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